Games & Hobbies Podcast Chart 21-40

Nintendo Voice Chat cover 21
Spike's Car Radio cover 23
History of Westeros(Game of Thrones)OLD cover 24
Achievement Oriented cover 25
Kotaku Splitscreen cover 26
Godsfall: Divine & Conquer cover 27
Destiny Community Podcast cover 28
Friends at the Table cover 29
Kinda Funny Morning Show cover 30
The Command Zone cover 31
Newest Latest Best cover 32

Newest Latest Best

Newest Latest Best / Anchor

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The Smoking Tire cover 33

The Smoking Tire

Matt Farah, Zack Klapman, Chris Hayes, Thad Brown

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Wizard and the Bruiser cover 34

Wizard and the Bruiser

Wizard and the Bruiser / Wondery

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Retronauts cover 35
The Giant Beastcast cover 36
Wood Talk cover 37

Wood Talk

The Wood Whisperer

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Super Best Friendcast! cover 38
Overwatchers: The Overwatch Podcast cover 39

Overwatchers: The Overwatch Podcast

Garrett Weinzierl, Patrick Beja, and Chris "ChanmanV" Chan

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The Brülosophy Podcast cover 40