News & Politics Podcast Chart 1-20

Lovett or Leave It cover 1
Pod Save America cover 2
The Daily cover 3

The Daily

The New York Times

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Up and Vanished cover 4
Serial cover 5


This American Life

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Embedded cover 6
Pod Save the World cover 7
NPR Politics Podcast cover 8
With Friends Like These cover 9
Kickass News cover 10

Kickass News

Mathis Entertainment, Inc.

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Crimetown cover 11
The Investigation Continues cover 12
Vox's The Weeds cover 13

Vox's The Weeds

Vox / Panoply / Ezra Klein / Sarah Kliff / Matt Yglesias

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In the Dark cover 14
The Ben Shapiro Show cover 15
Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill cover 16
MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio) cover 17
The 45th cover 18

The 45th

AudioBoom/LongArc Digital Media

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True Crime Garage cover 19
Real Time with Bill Maher cover 20