Science & Medicine: Social Sciences Podcast Chart 1-20

Sword and Scale cover 1

Sword and Scale

Wondery | Incongruity

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You Are Not So Smart cover 2
How To Do Everything cover 3
Mysterious Universe cover 4
Flash Forward cover 5
The Psychology Podcast cover 6

The Psychology Podcast

Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman

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This Week I Learned cover 7
True Crime Brewery cover 8
The Science of Success cover 9
Live Happy Now cover 10
Point of Inquiry cover 11
The Social Work Podcast cover 12

The Social Work Podcast

Jonathan B. Singer, Ph.D., LCSW

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Inquiring Minds cover 13

Inquiring Minds

Indre Viskontas & Kishore Hari

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Therapy Chat | Psychotherapy | Mindfulness | Trauma | Attachment | Worthiness | Self Care | Parenting cover 14
The Behavioral Observations Podcast | ABA | Functional Assessment | Autism | Behaviorism | Acceptance and Commitment Therapy | cover 15
Speaking of Psychology cover 16

Speaking of Psychology

American Psychological Association

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Skeptoid cover 17


Brian Dunning

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Parenting In the Rain |ADHD | Autism | Learning Disabilities | Oppositional Defiant Disorder | Depression | Divorce | Anxiety | cover 18

Parenting In the Rain |ADHD | Autism ...

Jackie Flynn - Licensed Psychotherapist, Registered Play Therapist, Education Specialist, Adolescent Life Coach and a Parent Educator

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The JOY Factor: Mindfulness, Compassion, Positive Psychology, Healing, Yoga cover 19

The JOY Factor: Mindfulness, Compassi...

Julie Hanson, Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Life Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher

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The Psychology of Attractiveness Podcast cover 20