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1UP.com - 4 Guys 1UP - 01/15/2010

January 15th, 2010

Episode 53 of 181 episodes

We're back from the holiday break detour to CES, and with four peope in-studio finally living up to our namesake. Former EA producer Amer Ajami joins us to talk about his experience working as part of the team that spawned the "EA Spouse" controversy, and also hints a little at what the future has in store for him. In news, some games are getting delayed (Splinter Cell Conviction) while others are announced out of nowhere (New Assassin's Creed). Finally we round out whatcha been playin' with more Modern Warfare 2, Kane and Lynch 2, Dark Void, Star Trek Online, and Genetos, the playable museum for classic shoot 'em ups.

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