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1UP.com - 4 Guys 1UP - 02/05/2010

February 5th, 2010

Episode 57 of 181 episodes

It's not every week that a sequel get's announced 16 years after the last title. Since Sega decided to pull back the curtain on Sonic 4: Episode 1 it was the perfect time to bring Ray Barnholt and Jeremy Parish to talk about the significance of Sega adding that 4 to the title. Not to be outdone we also talk about the latest Fallout game, the ESRB getting a little too descriptive, and Grasshopper games adding some serious talent. In Whatcha been playin Ray talks about the recently released No More Heroes 2, Scooter talk Aliens vs. Predator, David explores his Russian side with Metro 2033 and Jeremy discusses the wonder that is a roguelike with Shiren the Wanderer.

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