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The Ray Hadley Morning Show: Highlights


The Ray Hadley Morning Show With Luke Grant:Thursday July 2nd HIGHLIGHTS

July 1st, 2015

Episode 680 of 2614 episodes

Listen to the The Ray Hadley Morning Show with Luke Grant Highlights for Thursday July 2.Luke plays audio of Labor MP David Feeney claiming Bill Shorten misheard a question about the Australian Border Force yesterday.Luke replays audio of Bill Shorten ‘s Australian Border Force gaffe yesterday andmore audio of Labor MP David Feeney saying “so what” Bill Shorten didn’t know what the ABF was.Hedley Thomas, National Chief Correspondent for The Australian, talks to Luke following Queensland Chief Justice Tim Carmody’s resignation, updates him on Clive Palmer’s legal battles and discusses problems with home insulation compensation.Listener Damien tells Luke the Griffith community is raising money for the funeral of a 19-month-old boy who drowned in a swimming pool earlier this week.Phil Rothfield, Sports Editor At Large for The Daily and Sunday Telegraph, updates Luke on the Karmichael Hunt and Gold Coast Suns drugs scandal.Luke breaks the news of an AFP operation underway at Bossley Park, with a witness saying there are police and a negotiator surrounding a home.

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