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3pm Pick-Up Podcast - Monday 20th August

August 20th, 2012

Episode 222 of 1204 episodes

It’s a brand new 3pm Pick Up with a great new Co-Host Jane Hall, On today’s show Chrissie had a little tragedy with her rescue cat , he’s okay now but Chrissie’s wallet is the real victim and her Vet, the real winner. The girls are asking you for your stories about when you spent vast amounts of doe to keep a pet alive go to our brand new facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/3pm-Pick-Up/271946606238498?ref=ts and let us know. Sonia Kruger calls in to discuss the Big Brother eviction tonight and Jane fell asleep in a cinema, Not the worst thing to happen UNLESS YOU’RE A GUEST AT A RED CARPET MOVIE PREIMERE!!! With every big wig in the business. All that and more @ 3PM

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