A Bergkamp Wonderland

A Bergkamp Wonderland

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An Arsenal Podcast

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Kris (@AFCfreddie8) has put down the sun cream, taken off his flip flops and is ready to cry with joy live on air about his man love for Lacazette and he is joined by : Karl (@That_London_Guy) Shredder (@ColonialCannon) Danny … Continue reading

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Gimli (@GoonerGimli) has put on his best suit, brushed his hair and even splashed a bit of Old Spice on his ginger face for this final podcast of the season and he is joined by : David (@TheGoonerholic) Dom (@ozgooner49) … Continue reading

Gimli (@GoonerGimli) is hanging on to his sanity for dear life and only needs to hold on for 2 hours and he can let go and he is joined by : Steve (@Lordhillwood) Ellis (@EllisMehl) Chas (@allthatchas) Kate (@GoonerGirlKate) Danny … Continue reading

Jason (@jasondavies71) is in the hot seat as Kris has no internet & Johns died just before we started and he is joined by : Dom (@ozgooner49) John (@jwelsh84) Danny (@The_GFP) Problems using either of the two media players, try … Continue reading