A Bergkamp Wonderland

A Bergkamp Wonderland

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Raj (@rajpatel1809) has refused to tell us where he has hidden Gimli and until we raise the 3.50 he is demanding we are still without a host and he is joined by : Tim (@timpayton). Ray (@REDactionAFC). Mark (@mzk90). Geoff … Continue reading

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Kris (@AFCfreddie8) is still sat in the hot seat after a week and has not had a wash, even his cats wont go near him and he is joined by : Dom (@ozgooner49). Jason (@jasondavies71). Danny (@The_GFP). Cheers to Phil … Continue reading

Kris (@AFCfreddie8) has kidnaped poor Gimli, stuck him in an old shoe box (Nike Air Max Classics size 9) and posted him to a small island off the coast of Wales and he is joined by : Geoff (@GeoffArsenal). Jason … Continue reading

Gimli (@GoonerGimli) is wearing a sparkly crown and is happy as a bear in honey for this very special occasion and he is joined by : Kate (@GoonerGirlKate). Jason (@jasondavies71). Kris (@AFCfreddie8). Danny (@The_GFP). This is the live YouTube broadcast … Continue reading