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Are you getting what you want?

April 26th, 2009

Episode 83 of 116 episodes

Try giving to receive. Are you not getting what you want out of life, your relationships and your job? Have you ever tried to give what it is that you want? If you give what it is that you want from life to others, you will receive all that you want out of life and more. We all want love, kindness, safety, security, health, wealth and well being and we know that as truth. So if we know what it is that we want, we can easily see want others want too. In these tough times we tend to curl up in out little cocoons and hide away 'till the storm passes. We need to break out of our shells, step forward into the great unknown and do the impossible. One truth that I know that will explode your spiritual growth is this: The next step that you are afraid to take is exactly the step that you need to take. Follow these simple steps to get what you want by giving what you want: * Practice empathy by understanding all people are suffering and have experienced loss. * Commit to a full day of giving from your heart. * Meditate on opening your heart to giving. * Give something small like a compliment or a hug. Work on developing your insight as to why you do what you do and ask yourself these questions around giving: * Am I coming from a place of lack? * Am I coming from fear? * Am I projecting poverty consciousness? * Am I being selfish? Remember not to condemn or judge yourself, just observe. Why does giving work? Giving works because it emulates nature and nature is always giving and abundant. Can you feel yourself as a giving and abundant being like nature? Observe nature, spend some time out there in it and see first hand its never ending supply that is given without expectation of any return. Can we give this freely and openly? Practice opening yourself to what others want by observing these facts: * People often give exactly the opposite of what it is that they want. * Most reactions are conditioned and habitual. "They know not what they do." * People are wearing masks that protect them from attacks. * Suffering is often projected by others as fear, anger, or frustration. When you open yourself to what others want you stretch yourself out beyond your safety zone and this creates growth. This growth mixed with wisdom and discernment practiced openly sets the example of love and kindness.

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