A Quiet Mind

Robert Jackson

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Ego schmego!

August 30th, 2011

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The invitation to arrive in this moment is constantly being offered to you. It's up to you to take it. Breathing in I accept what is so in this moment. Breathing out I accept what is so in this moment. No resistance to what is so. Just being in this moment radically accepting what is so. Know the rat-mind, from the heart-mind. Embrace the path of no resistance. The mind wants to believe that we can't live without it and when we begin to see that we can, it's soft underbelly is exposed and vulnerable. In this state it's first reaction is to strike back against it's attacker and use all of it's defense mechanisms. These defense mechanisms come in varied form but in most cases it uses fear as it's primary weapon. It may also use numbing tactics like immersing oneself in a mindless television shows, playing a video games, or getting drunk, or high. What can we do? When we use our breath to come home and check in we can catch ourselves before we use a tactic, habit or substance to escape the rat mind. When we catch ourselves before we engage in that habit we can instill this practice, the practice or activity of just observing. Observing silently, without judgment and letting the thoughts pass by. Try sitting today for just two minutes. If your mind say's it's bored, then just sit there and be as bored as you can. Do boredom all the way. If your mind wont stop spinning, just let it spin and don't try to do a thing. Do nothing all the way everyday for just a few minutes. There is no need to have a formal meditation practice, just sit quietly, watch, listen and breath.

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