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Live Meditaiton Update

June 12th, 2008

Episode 73 of 116 episodes

LIVE Podcast Saturday @ 8:30 am Pacific!. Join me this Saturday for a live meditation @ 8:30 am Pacific time. This time we will use Yahoo! Live which is a very cool interface and looks like it will be very easy to use. Looking forward to seeing you and please share your comments on which Live video chat application you like the most. 1. Remember to breathe. Pause at least three times today and become aware of your breath for a short time. Try counting each breath or simply be aware of your chest rising and falling and as you do this be thankful for each breath you take. It is a wonderful thing that we can breathe. 2. Notice doorways. Each time you walk through a doorway today notice that you are walking through that doorway by bringing your attention to it. You can do this by repeating to yourself "I'm walking through this doorway now." This brings present moment awareness to your conscious mind. (You can choose not to say "I" if you really want to see something interesting.) 3. Be Gracious Pause three times today close your eyes and be thankful for three things in your life. You can write them down if you wish and remember to smile as you are doing this. Being gracious proliferates happiness.

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