A Quiet Mind

Robert Jackson

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Returning to Intimacy

December 9th, 2011

Episode 103 of 116 episodes

Return to the one that is not touched by the circumstances of the world. The one that lives in this world but not of this world. Drop the meditator, drop the form and just sit without any rigid model. There is no reconnection or creation of anexperienceor paradigm, it's ordinary and easy to do. Just sit Don't try to do anything Accept, accept , acccept Be compassionate with the mind noises Invite them in for tea and cake Don't try to create a quiet mind Don't try to let go Don't try to do it right Be breathed No special tools required No special words or prayers needed Just be you. A stillness practice does not need to be another task or your list, just sit and be there with what is and don't resist whatever comes up. Just embrace all arrisingphenomenonas it is and sit with what is. You are not here to accomplish anything or get anything right, just be and remember all thought is just thought and all pain isarisingphenomenon. Breathe and accept. Breathe and be. Breathe and return tointimacy.

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