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Success is in the eye of the beholder

June 15th, 2010

Episode 93 of 116 episodes

How do we define success? In our society success seems to be measured by what we have done, created, or collected rather than what we have given or shared with our fellow sentient beings. I had always seen success as money, cars, big houses and fame. I lived most of my life in pursuit of all of these material things and it wasn't until I had many life changing experiences that my opinions on what success was dramatically altered. One of these life changing experiences happened while living on the Big Island of Hawaii and I relate that story in this podcast. So do we need a life altering experience to change the way we see things? Yes I believe sometimes we do. How can we have a life altering experience? Stay open and don't be afraid to look deeply into your heart. Assess your life daily and see where you can change current beliefs and opinions to bring about more compassion and empathy. Open yourself to new ways of thinking and seeing. Sit quietly on a daily basis. It is in solitude that we can begin to open to a new way of looking at our ourselves and our intention. How do we re-define success? Who gives the most. Being happy in each moment regardless of the circumstance. Putting others before ourselves. One who follows their heart to serve others without expectation of the outcome.

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