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Tweet my Facebook status on MySpace

March 17th, 2010

Episode 92 of 116 episodes

Are you using social networking to avoid being social. Have you noticed yourself Tweet-ing and Facebook-ing in social situations to avoid talking and interacting with people? I'm constantly observing people in line at the store, at the airport, on a plane and in the elevator engaged with their device. We are immersing ourselves in a medium that is helping to create social barriers with our fellow beings. A new distraction that keeps us from meeting our true self in the form of those around us that manifests as our peers. Our peers can represent aspects of ourselves we may be having trouble accepting and we don't want to confront that because it's uncomfortable. put your phone down at lunch in the elevator put the phone down and smile at someone make a time at night to turn off all devices and sit quietly for five minutes leave your phone at home one weekend day or part of that day Take it slow, take your time and be easy on yourself.

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