A Quiet Mind

Robert Jackson

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Where I become a test subject for following your heart's desire.

December 2nd, 2010

Episode 96 of 116 episodes

I'm jumping in and taking you with me! Join me on the journey of following your heart's desire. Let's step into the unknown together and take the leap of faith. In this podcast we talk about: Embracing your own inner teacher/guide and waking up to your full potential. We create an experiment to see what happens when we turn around 180 degrees and go in the direction we are guided to go. Embracing the opportunity to wake up and see our true self. The void we feel. The disconnect is nothing more than a thought or thoughts arising that we decide to hook in to, give meaning to, embellish and create the story we call 'self'. We look at being content, happy and peaceful by dropping the concept that something from the outside will make us whole. (If only I could change such and such about myself, I could feel good and be happy.) If you no longer attached to these thoughts and you dropped thinking all together, what would your life be like ? We came in here complete, needing nothing but the basics in life. We complicated this by constructing a separate self. That is the idea of a self that is separate from all others and all things. We can dissolve this separate self and experience life the way it was meant to be experienced. Happy, blissful and full of joy!

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