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Welcome to Babytalk, a podcast all about babies and their parents. We think being a parent is the most thrilling, exhausting, emotional ride of your life - and we’re here to share everything we know about doing the best you can.


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Guilt Free Bottle Feeding

January 20th, 2017

Not every mother is able to breast feed their child and when that happens where on earth do you turn for help? Madeleine Morris an ABC journalist has written a definitive guide on what to do if you need to feed your baby formula (and it's much more than following the instructions on the packet!) This podcast is a repeat of one of our most...

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The First 1000 days

January 15th, 2017

Think of everything your baby is going to learn in the first 1000 days, that's the time period from conception up to just over two years of age. It's probably the most important time of growth and development in a human's life, so much happens in these first days, weeks and years of life. The first 1000 days in a child's life is a significant...

The internet has been a wonderful and sometimes terrible invention for new parents.. finally any sort of parent type problem can be dealt with online... no need to ring another mother or look up a reference book in the middle of the night, now you can google or even fire up an app to discover why your baby isn't sleeping! Jen Hamilton is a...

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The Wonder Weeks!

December 29th, 2016

You know your baby is growing and developing every moment of every day but as a parent it's sometimes really hard to pick the times your baby will make a massive change in their development. Two Dutch researchers working with Jane Goodall's famous Chimpanzee colony in Tanzania discovered that chimp babies and human babies are not so dissimilar...