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Getting your body back

August 25th, 2016

Episode 147 of 215 episodes

The wonder and excitement of being pregnant has a couple of difficult downsides. Not least of which is having your body belong to someone else for nine months. Most women look forward to returning to 'normal' particularly in the last trimester when it seems that every step is exhausting and your belly couldn't possibly be any bigger. However many of us are taken rather by surprise when our physiology refuses to cooperate and our return to normal is a much longer and more difficult route than we ever expected. Many women say they feel judged by friends, family and colleagues for not quickly losing the 'baby weight' but on the other hand new mothers are dealing with a new baby, breast feeding and a lack of sleep that they might never have experienced before and it's pretty likely that losing a few kilos could appear like an impossible task.. In this week's podcast you will meet a dietician who is now working through her own experiences as a new mother and wants to share some baby steps to help you regain some control over your post baby diet!

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