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Welcome to Babytalk, a podcast all about babies and their parents. We think being a parent is the most thrilling, exhausting, emotional ride of your life - and we’re here to share everything we know about doing the best you can.


How to tell your cat you're pregnant!

September 13th, 2016

Episode 150 of 182 episodes

Congratulations you're pregnant... there is a list of people you'll need to tell... including your cat! Even if it sounds ridiculous to you there are a quite a few people who really love their pets... after all they've known them for a long time; and if your pet holds a special place in your household you may be concerned about how they're going to cope with the introduction of a new baby to the family. Dr Lewis Kirkham is a vet with a special interest in animal behaviour. He believes that many new parents are misinterpreting their pet's behaviour around the arrival of a new baby and that with a little planning the transition doesn't have to be difficult at all.

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