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Preserving fertility through ovarian grafts.

December 8th, 2015

Episode 109 of 215 episodes

A cancer diagnosis is devastating on so many levels. One of the dreadful side effects of treatment means that you are also facing a future of infertility as the most common cancer treatments usually target reproductive tissue along with cancer cells. New scientific breakthroughs by fertility preservation experts have recently produced three lovely babies in Australia, born due to ovarian tissue transplants, using ovaries, removed and frozen and then re-implanted after chemotherapy has blasted the cancer away. This week in Babytalk we speak to the Professor in charge of Fertility Preservation Associate Professor Kate Stern and Dr Debra Gook, the scientist who developed the laboratory processes for the freezing and thawing of ovarian tissue allowing it to be re-grafted into a woman and stimulated to produce viable eggs.

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