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Ready or not out I come! A journey from conception to parenthood.

August 7th, 2014

Episode 46 of 215 episodes

Did you find pregnancy and birth was harder than you expected? Did you always just assume that pregnancy was something that you breezed through until, suddenly, you began to experience your own problems? For most parents with a traumatic pregnancy or birth story it's meeting the other people who have experienced something similar that's perhaps the biggest surprise. Even if your pregnancy and birth was uneventful it's fair to assume that there are people you know are harbouring a secret pain that you know nothing about, the pain of miscarriage, the worry and concern of premature birth or even a difficult and stressful pregnancy are sometimes borne silently and alone. New mother Raechel Bull was determined that by telling her story she could help others who had or would experience something similar during their own pregnancy.

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