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Sleep School for Babies.. when you need to call in the experts.

May 11th, 2016

Episode 130 of 215 episodes

What do you do if your baby isn't sleeping properly and shows no sign of 'growing out of it'? At what point do you call in the professionals? Sleep deprivation is very hard to live with. The exhaustion that many parents experience with a baby who won't conform to regular sleep patterns or needs to be constantly attended during the night is only amplified by the crushing guilt and feelings of inadequacy for parents not being able to 'do it right'. This is where a handful of professional Mother Baby Units around Australia are able to help. Known sometimes as 'Sleep School' they have sometimes been unfairly labelled as unkind by their insisting all babies can learn to self settle... but as you'll hear in this podcast an unsettled baby can create tension and havoc in a whole household.

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