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Angel Life on Angel Heart Radio - Angelic Feng Shui. Bill Austin Interview

October 13th, 2015

Episode 283 of 561 episodes

Originally a Lawyer,Angelic Feng Shui co founderBill Austin, whocreated two recordings that hold the vibrational frequencies of Angelic Feng Shui. You can use these recordings to clear and uplift the energy of the spaces where you live or work, and even to meditate. Billshareshow he came to partner up with co-creator Moni Castaneda(listen to Moni on Angel Life on Angel Heart Radioon this link) to create Angel Feng Shui - a powerful heart based Feng Shui that can benefit us all in our daily lives to clearour spaces, any blocks we may be experiencing.You can purchase your own Angelic Feng Shui space clearing atAngelic Feng ShuiTraining ContactBill, learn about Bill's other services and productshere Listen to other episodes of Angel Lifehere Please note: no calls can be taken today. Pease call into a LIVE show and we will be delighted to speak with you!

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