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AMT352: Dothraki, Points of View, and sleb-spotting Shatner

July 6th, 2017

Episode 193 of 193 episodes

Had any good celeb-spots lately? However good yours are, there's no way they're as good as the celeb-spot hat trick Olly scored last week. Hear who in AMT352. Find out all about the episode at http://answermethispodcast.com/episode352. Tweet us http://twitter.com/helenandolly Facebook http://facebook.com/answermethis Subscribe on iTunes http://iTunes.com/AnswerMeThis Buy old episodes, albums and our Best Of compilations at http://answermethisstore.com Hear Helen Zaltzman's podcast The Allusionist at http://theallusionist.org, Olly Mann's The Modern Mann at http://modernmann.co.uk, and Martin Austwick's Song By Song at http://songbysongpodcast.com.

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