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On Friday afternoon David said he was divesting his holdings in Stephanie dot org. And Cindy announced she was getting rid of all her Dan-obelia, and did anyone want a tennis racket or a cardigan? Alice told Michael that she was transplanting herself to another brand of potting soil And Jason composed a 3-chord blues... Read more »

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What a wonder I was when I was young, as I learn by the stern privilege of being old: how regardlessly I stepped the rough pathways of the hillside woods, treaded hardly thinking the tumbled stairways of the steep streams, and worked unaching hard days thoughtful only of the work, the passing light, the heat,... Read more »

A morning after a week of rain and the sun shot down through the branches into the tall, bare windows. The brindled cat rolled over on his back, and I could hear you in the kitchen grinding coffee beans into a powder. Everything seemed especially vivid because I knew we were all going to die,... Read more »

If you’ve ever had one you know what I’m saying: soggy with steam, too much butter soaking into the crevices. At first you’re mad—you told them butter on the side— but then you’re grateful to have it. Day after day you eat it dry, now away, alone on business in your overheated hotel room, you’re... Read more »