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My daughter and I paddle red kayaks across the lake. Pulling hard, we slip easily through the water. Far from either shore, it hits me that my daughter is a young woman and suddenly everything is a metaphor for how short a time we are granted: the red boats on the blue-black water, the russet... Read more »

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Here floats the mind on summer’s dock. The knees loose up, hands dither off, the eyes have never heard of clocks. The mind won’t feel the hours, the mind spreads wide among the hours, wide in sun. Dear sun, who gives the vision but is not the vision. Who is the body and the bodies... Read more »

You can take Vermont, the edge of the woods in tears even with spring’s sky-blue gown as you prowl through those trees bird whistle on a lanyard and compass tucked in your camouflage pants. I want Montana for myself, some little-known hot spring, glimpse of wild horses running, notebooks, novels, no plans as the sky... Read more »

May time grant you the lasting memory of the summer night on Jonas Ridge when we were walking the dogs, late— the white rail fence, our guide. When we turned back toward the cabin, darkness pressed against our faces and a host of fireflies flashed in the mist settling on the fields, blinking green from... Read more »