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She sees a starling legs-up in the gutter. She finds an earthworm limp and pale in a puddle. What’s wrong with them? she says. I tell her they’re dead. She scowls at me. She stares at her short shadow And makes it dance in the road. She shakes its head. Daddy, you don’t look pretty,... Read more »

At the old Polish gardener’s There’s a young cat A calico Living half-wild Under the potting shed Where she was born Her face is decorated With daubs and smudges And streaks of black As if she were made up to be a clown In some mysterious carnival I gaze at her in wonder She gazes... Read more »

What if you slept And what if In your sleep You dreamed And what if In your dream You went to heaven And there plucked a strange and beautiful flower And what if When you awoke You had that flower in your hand Ah, what then?

It’s the immemorial feelings I like the best: hunger, thirst, their satisfaction; work-weariness, earned rest; the falling again from loneliness to love; the green growth the mind takes from the pastures in March; The gayety in the stride of a good team of Belgian mares that seems to shudder from me through all my ancestry.