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I open the door as my wife steps from the bath into the cold air, goose bumps on her skin. She wraps a towel around herself, sees me watching, and unwraps it. When she smiles, her breath rises. The shadow of the bamboo sweeps across the steps without stirring the dusting of snow and we... Read more »

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among trees people you’ve never seen mingle warmth from hand to hand and melt until they are beams of light woven into a rope that tugs you in where a man whose eyes sparkle into yours lifts his young girl this is my daughter she puts her face close to yours you say hello beauty... Read more »

The night before sailing from the world I had known that now seems the ancient world to me it was a hot summer night in the humming city the small hours the tiny two-room apartment of a friend the windows wide open above the avenue and behind me three young women crammed in asleep as... Read more »

A little Madness in the Spring Is wholesome even for the King, But God be with the Clown— Who ponders this tremendous scene— This whole Experiment of Green— As if it were his own!