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aussieBum is Australia's own 'Spinal Tap' in men's fashion. Born on the shores of Bondi Beach, Australia. aussieBum has become an international cult fashion label that refuses to conform to how a brand should behave and present itself. If you doubt yourself, wear something else.


aussieBum - 'GET YOUR HUNK ON!', www.aussiebum.com

May 14th, 2010

Episode 135 of 187 episodes

The ‘Hunk’ range fits like a glove and has old school HOT written all over it! The unique cotton stitching detail gives the range a youthful locker-room feel that’s casual but quality. Make a Statement and Make it Sexy: ‘HUNK.’ aussieBum - A culture that is defined by those who wear it. www.aussiebum.com www.twitter.com/aussiebum www.facebook.com/aussiebum

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