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aussieBum is Australia's own 'Spinal Tap' in men's fashion. Born on the shores of Bondi Beach, Australia. aussieBum has become an international cult fashion label that refuses to conform to how a brand should behave and present itself. If you doubt yourself, wear something else.


PREMIER- aussieBum Reality 2007. It's what you've been waiting for.

January 5th, 2007

Episode 29 of 187 episodes

Since I care to remember all we listen to is people (who are not from our world) - tell us how we should behave and how we should present ourselves. Starting at the end of January we'll be opening lives to you. Each week you will witness the reality of aussieBum. The good, the bad, the fun and the sad. We figured since we are continually labelled for one reason or another, why not open up the doors and really give everyone something to talk about. You decide and see for yourself what aussieBum is really all about. Are we the Spinal Tap we say we are. Do we really give a dam about what people tink? Who are the people behind the brand. At the end of January - all will be revealed.

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