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Our podcast has moved! Yes, the Australian Writers’ Centre has a new podcast. That's right: it's called "So you want to be a writer" (search this on iTunes) and it's hosted by Centre founder Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait. Each episode, 'Vallison' chat about the latest news, views and trends in the wide wide world of writing, publishing and blogging. They also sit down with bestselling and acclaimed authors to discuss their books and the writing process. Our archive of the old podcast is still here and then jump across and subscribe to the new one! You can find out more about Australian Writers' Centre at writerscentre.com.au


Australian Writers' Centre podcast with Emma Hopkin

May 17th, 2013

Episode 119 of 134 episodes

Emma Hopkin fell in love with books as a young child, a love affair which has shown no signs of abating in the intervening years.Currently the Managing Director of Bloomsbury Children's and Educational Publishing at Bloomsbury Publishing, she has channeled this enduring love of literature into a successful career that has seen her occupy a number of management roles at various international publishing houses, specifically overseeing children's literature.She was in Australia recently from the UK to meet with the Bloomsbury team here, and promote the launch of their new digital imprint Spark, and so we took the opportunity to sit down with her to ask her when she first realised how powerful books could be, what led her into the publishing industry in the first place, and where she sees the rapidly changing business of selling books going. www.WritersCentre.com.au

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