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Entrepreneur Paul Maskill from Automate Your Franchise discusses strategies, tactics, tips and hacks for franchise owners and business owners to create a stream of passive income.

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Automate Your Franchise is a podcast created for you, the franchise owner or small business owner. Having owned my own franchise for almost five years, I was able to build it and scale it through a solid foundation and putting the right people and processes in place. When it was time to sell, it sold immediately for almost 7x my initial investment as it was a valuable asset creating passive income for the owner. I am now able to take my experience and share it with all of you so that you can do the same! Remember, you bought a business, not a job!


31: A Value Packed Interview with Stacy Tuschl

May 31st, 2016

Episode 59 of 65 episodes

Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher Share Podcast: Facebook | Twitter Leave Us An iTunes Rating & Review Resources The 6 Step Checklist to Automate Your Business The FREE Freedom Workshop Private Facebook Group Follow Stacy on Twitter! Hang out with Stacy on Facebook Check Out Stacy's Website Michael Hyatt Asana Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker Chalene Johnson IFTTT.com (If This Then That) FREE Chapter 1 of Stacy's Book Stacy's FREE 21 Day Challenge Overview Wow, that's a lot of resources! In today's interview, Stacy Tuschl, founder of the Business Rescue Roadmap, provides an immense amount of actionable content from inspirational business people to technology resources to free trainings! Stacy's entrepreneurial journey officially started at the age of 18 when she started her first business teaching dance lessons. Fast forward, Stacy now runs two very successful dance studios with 40+ employees and a whole bunch of systems and automation in place. By having the right people, processes and systems in place, Stacy is able to enjoy the freedom all business owners dream of as well as help others get there. Yup, she even has enough time to be a business coach! What You'll Learn It's possible to have a successful business and a thriving personal life How you can implement processes and systems to build a thriving business 40+ employees doesn't have to mean 40+ headaches per day Overcoming the fear of delegating (i.e. trust issues) Automation is everything to scale a successful, valuable, long-lasting business Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe on StitcherLeave Us An iTunes Rating & Review

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