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Can the continent seize its "demographic dividend" by investing in its youth, or is it at risk of being sunk by its old nemeses of corruption and collapsing commodity prices? South Africa's economy has ground to a halt as police fight students on the street. Iraj Abedian, chief economist at Pan-African Capital, tells presenter Ed Butler what has...

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Discord on the Currency Markets

October 25th, 2016

As the British pound wilts and the price of imported guitars in London rises, should we all be fretting about the return of "currency wars"? Presenter Ed Butler speaks to one American hard money man, author Jim Rickards, who claims the world faces financial collapse if it does not return to some kind of gold-backed system. Meanwhile Edwin Lane...

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A new crisis in Congo?

October 24th, 2016

We're looking at how money could be inspiring a new decent into violence in Africa. The government in the Democratic Republic of Congo has postponed this year's elections by 18 months, saying the voters' register isn't ready. The opposition and western donors suspect this is a power-grab by the president, and say it could draw the country into a...

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Drug Resistant Diseases

October 21st, 2016

Is the growing resistance of many fatal infections to antibiotics and other medicines the biggest threat facing humanity? Presenter Ed Butler speaks to economist Jim O'Neill, who led a review into anti-microbial resistance over the past two years that culminated in a UN resolution last month to tackle the problem. He claims 10 million people a...