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A China Meltdown?

January 11th, 2016

Episode 434 of 836 episodes

Business Daily looks at this year's Great Fall in China. Further stock market shocks in Shanghai and Shenzen have driven wider angst about the risk of a new Global Depression. But is such fear misplaced? Or, as one departing London Hedge Fund Manager suggested last week, could it simply be driven by the increasingly unreliable official data coming out of countries like China? We get the thoughts of two City of London experts, Erik Britton, director at Fathom Consulting, a London-based macroeconomic consultancy, and Justin Urquhart Stewart, a co-founder of Seven Investment Management. Also in the programme, we have a report from one remote east Indian state - Nagaland - aiming to capitalise on India's drive to promote cultural tourism. Can it provide a remedy for wider economic problems? And as Hollywood's Awards season gets underway, Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times hands out her own - this time for the worst corporate jargon of 2015. (Picture: China's President Xi Jinping; Credit: Noel Celis/AFP/Getty Images)

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