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Africa Rising or Falling?

September 29th, 2015

Episode 358 of 836 episodes

For the past year and a half, commodity prices globally have been tumbling. We ask Olusegun Okubanjo, CEO of the London-based investment banking services firm OBSIDIAN, what the end of the commodities boom means for African economies, given that strong commodity prices have helped fuel investment and demand from China in the continent. Also, reporter Michael Koloki speaks to professionals in Nairobi, Kenya, about how they think their economic lives have changed in the past decade. Meanwhile, Rosh Bardien who was head of human resources at London Mining in Sierra Leone, tells us how the combination of a plunge in iron ore prices and the Ebola crisis finished the company off. And, we speak to Femi Fadipe, technical director at the engineering-management firm WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff about what it takes for western companies to compete against their Chinese counterparts when investing in Africa. (Photo: Children walk past a platinum mine in South Africa. Credit: Getty Images)

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