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America's Student Debt

July 23rd, 2015

Episode 311 of 836 episodes

Who can afford an American university education? The US has some of the world's highest college fees which may partially explain why student loans have grown rapidly since the 2008 financial crisis, doubling to almost US$1.3 trillion. Ben Miller of the Centre for American Progress, a Washington-based research group, tells us why it has become an issue in the 2016 US presidential campaign. Plus, Gianna Palmer reports from New York and Delaware about those US students who do - and do no - get financial help to go to university. And, our regular technology commentator Jeremy Wagstaff says that although sales are rising of drones, it is still not clear what use these small, unmanned flying aircraft will ultimately serve for the average consumer. (Photo: Graduation ceremony in New York, Credit: Getty Images)

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