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BizDaily: Bonds: No Longer Boring

May 18th, 2015

Episode 246 of 836 episodes

Bond markets are supposed to be boring. They're usually very predictable but in the past month bond prices have staged sharp drops. Gareth Isaac, fixed income fund manager at the investment house Schroders in London, explains what's going on and what it tells us about where the economy is heading. Also, most of us get annoyed by pop-up advertising while we're browsing online. But are these adverts a necessary evil when it comes to the profitability of websites? What would happen to the internet without them? We speak to Ben Williams of the advert blocking software company Ad Block Plus. And finally Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times tells us why a good memory is an essential skill for a good manager, even if office technology conspires to make us forgetful.

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