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BizDaily: Flash Crash: Could It Happen Again?

May 6th, 2015

Episode 234 of 836 episodes

The man US authorities accuse of causing a massive collapse in financial markets five years ago is in court again in London for a bail hearing. But many in financial markets are asking how a single trader can wield so much power? Is it a case of regulators not keeping up with the rapidly evolving technology of automated and algorithmic trading? Or does the problem lie in the way financial markets work? We speak to Professor Maureen O' Hara of Cornell University, who was on the 'flash crash' committee which looked at the events of five years ago. And our presenter Manuela Saragosa takes a crash course in trading with Piers Curran, head trader and managing director of Amplify Trading. What does it take to play the markets from your home computer?

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