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BizDaily: Greek Battle Lines Drawn

February 12th, 2015

Episode 156 of 836 episodes

The battle lines were drawn over Europe's debt crisis on Wednesday as Greek ministers offered a 10-point plan to redraft the bailout, and their partners said no deal, thanks. The negotiations aren't quite over yet, but the deadline for a Greek default is now just two weeks away. We hear the views of both sides in the negotiations, and with the help of Vicky Pryce, the Greek economist, representing the Centre of Economics and Business Research, Sony Kapoor, of the economic think-tank, Redefine, and the BBC's economics correspondent, Andrew Walker, we look at where a compromise might lie. Also we have a report on cricket's biggest money-spinner, the ICC World Cup, just two days before the event launches in Australia and New Zealand. Is the lure of hard cash corrupting the Gentleman's game?

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