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BizDaily: Stopping Asia's Appetite for Rhino Horn

February 24th, 2015

Episode 167 of 836 episodes

The illicit trade in animal parts: some $20 billion, is traded annually, with 1000s of endangered animals, from rhino to elephants to turtles, being slaughtered for the sake of aphrodisiacs, medicines, or pendants. Experts like Heather Sohl, the Chief Advisor for Species at the WWF, estimate that at the current rate of destruction, some breeds of wild rhino will be extinct in just a few years. We hear from a former poacher in a game reserve in Malawi and from Taiwan where turtle smuggling has become big business and from film star Jackie Chan. China remains the main importer of smuggled animal products, some of which are widely used in traditional medicine. We ask what the industry should be doing to reduce China's growing taste for the bones and organs of endangered species.

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