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Brazil Hits the Buffers

March 4th, 2016

Episode 475 of 836 episodes

With the publication of the country's GDP figures, we examine the struggles of Brazil. If projections are right, Latin America's largest economy could be facing its worst recession in over a century. What's worse its politicians appear paralysed by a growing crisis - widespread corruption allegations and impeachment proceedings against the president. We hear from a Brazilian maid in Sao Paolo, and two experts: Silvia Sonneveld, a consumer analyst working with the Boston Consulting Group in Sao Paolo, and Marcos Casarin, head of Latin American strategy at the UK analytics firm, Oxford Economics. What's the way out for Brazil? Also in the programme, the BBC's Theo Leggett asks if it's time to stop draping semi-naked women across cars at motor shows. (Picture: A painted Brazilian flag in Rio de Janeiro, Credit: Getty Images)

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