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Brexit: Hard or Soft?

October 10th, 2016

Episode 634 of 836 episodes

Guntram Wolff, the director of the Bruegel Institute in Brussels, speaks about Britain's declared plans to leave the EU by March 2019. Markets in London and Frankfurt seem to be betting on a so-called Hard Brexit - Britain not so much bowing out as being kicked out onto the pavement. Is that for real, and will we all lose if that's what happens? And how much do you love your dog? British woman, Laura Jakes, loved hers so much, she splashed out $100,000 to have it cloned - yes cloned. A perfect biological replica produced via a South Korean lab. Is this taking love for man's best friend a bit far and what are the wider implications? Finally: our enduring love for appetite for the short-term, pointless and trivial. Lucy Kellaway reflects on why - arguably - company results might benefit from having more pictures of fluffy cats in them. (Photo: Theresa May speaks at the Conservative party conference, Credit: Getty Images)

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