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China and United States: Cyber Friends or Enemies?

September 25th, 2015

Episode 356 of 836 episodes

Cybersecurity is high on the agenda as President Obama hosts his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Washington. But where the US and China were once cyber-enemies, could they now find common ground when it comes to corporate hacking? We discuss the changing nature of cyber-attacks with John McCormack, CEO of cyber protection company Raytheon Websense. Also, what will it take to make the world's biggest cities more pleasant to live in? It is one of the sustainable development goals adopted by the United Nations this week. Akbar Hossain gets stuck in traffic in Dhaka, Bangladesh, while Martin Powell, head of urban development at Siemens, showcases new technology that could change the way we live in cities. (Photo: Network cables are plugged in a server room. Credit: Getty Images)

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