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Cybercrime: One of the Biggest Ever

July 17th, 2015

Episode 308 of 836 episodes

This month's massive data breach at OPM, a government-related agency in the US, has been called one of the biggest of all time, with some 20 million workers losing detailed personal information. It has had officials scrambling for a villain. China has been blamed. But how can they know? We hear from Michael Fertik, the founder of Reputation.com, an online reputation management company. We also speak to Taylor Roberts, a research fellow at the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre at Oxford University, and Alan Woodward, a professor of cybersecurity at the University of Surrey, and adviser to Europol - the EU's law enforcement agency. Also our regular commentator, Jeremy Wagstaff of Reuters describes the details of one major recent hack to demonstrate how worried we should all be about the growing scourge of cybercrime. (Photo: Hands over keyboard, Credit: Thinkstock)

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