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Delhi's Dirty Air

December 11th, 2015

Episode 413 of 836 episodes

India's capital has the world's worst air pollution. So what is the smog is doing to Delhi's population, and what is India's government doing about the smog? Presenter Manuela Saragosa hears from Aanchal Bhatia of the health-focused NGO Breathe Easy India why businesses and the wealthy are thinking of moving out of the city. The BBC's South Asia correspondent Justin Rowlatt reports on the toll his new post in Delhi is taking on his children's health. Plus, Rahul Tandon reports from nearby Agra on efforts to stop smog from besmirching one of the country's most iconic landmarks - the Taj Mahal. (Picture: Joggers exercise on a smoggy morning near India Gate in New Delhi, India; Credit: Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images)

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