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Education in Liberia

October 17th, 2016

Episode 639 of 836 episodes

War and the ebola epidemic have crushed Liberia's education system and the government has now called in private firms to fix it, among them Bridge International Academies, the largest operator of low-cost private schools in Africa. We hear from Pauline Vata, executive director of Kenyan NGO Hakiijamii which campaigns for economic, social and cultural rights, who disagrees with Liberia's move, and we speak to Shannon May, co-founder of Bridge International Academies. Also, Mark Prensky, founder and executive director of the Global Future Education Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that promotes alternative ways of learning, argues school curricula around the world are not doing enough to prepare children for a digital future. And Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times explains how not to say sorry if you're a business. (Photo: Pupils attend a class in a school in Monrovia, Credit: Getty Images)

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