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Feeding The World

September 15th, 2016

Episode 617 of 836 episodes

The business of food - how we eat, what we eat and who's running the show. Chemicals giant Bayer has agreed to buy the US seeds and pesticides firm Monsanto for $66 billion. The chemicals and seeds they produce will play a huge part in how well we adapt to the impact of growing worldwide populations and climate change. Sir Gordon Conway, Professor of International Development and former Chief UK government Scientific Adviser, gives us his reaction to the deal and we hear from Lydia Gathenya, Interim Programme Manager at Farm Africa, an NGO based in Nairobi, on drought resistant farming. Could changing what we eat, as well as how it is farmed, also be good for the environment? Two billion people around the world eat insects, which are cheaper and greener protein than sheep, pigs and cows. But is hasn't caught on in Europe or the US. Coalo Valley Farms in Los Angeles are trying to change that. Photo: Corn is loaded on a farm in Illinois in the United States. Credit: Getty Images.

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