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Fifa's New President

February 26th, 2016

Episode 469 of 836 episodes

It's election day at football's world governing body, Fifa. Five candidates are hoping for the top job in world football. On Business Daily we hear from a World Cup footballer and a former head of the English football federation on whether the successor to Sepp Blatter can deliver. Also in the programme, we report on the reaction to the migrant influx from one small European country - Finland. Until last year it had had to deal with relatively few asylum seekers, now that's changed. Can it cope and can the new arrivals successfully assimilate? Also, there's the result of another big vote on Sunday, it's for this year's Academy Awards. To mark that event, we find out all the products that promoters stick into an Oscar's goodie bag. (Photo: Fifa headquarters, Credit: Getty Images)

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