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Fifa: The Corporate Threat

May 29th, 2015

Episode 264 of 836 episodes

The fallout from the Fifa scandal in one country - Brazil. Jose Hawilla, the boss of sports management firm, Traffic, has pleaded guilty to a long list of corruption charges. With his company controlling so many of Fifa's past contracts across the Americas, the BBC's Daniel Gallas in Sao Paulo explains why it is now feared many other firms could be dragged into the scandal. Also, Leo Martin, Founder and Director of Goodcorp, which advises companies on ethics and compliance issues, tells us why multi-national companies especially are now being forced to do more to protect themselves, when it is feared corruption has crept into the system. Finally, Aaron Levie, the boss and co-founder of Box.com, explains how he made a billion dollar cloud storage firm.

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