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Future in Review: Hyperloop and Talking to Cars

October 8th, 2015

Episode 365 of 836 episodes

We explore some extraordinary solutions to some of the world’s toughest challenges – from a revolutionary transport system that would shoot passengers down tubes at close to the speed of sound, to voice recognition software in cars. In the first of two special programmes from the Future in Review conference in Utah, Ed Butler speaks to Bebop Gresta, the vice CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, which is about build a five-mile section of Hyperloop track in central California. The new transport technology, first floated in 2013 by billionaire entrepreneur and designer Elon Musk, is close to its first prototype. Jim Hayward, CEO of DNA Sciences, tells us how plant DNA is helping to deter and catch cash machine thieves and drug counterfeiters. And, we hear from a man who likes talking to his car - Paul Burmester of Validsoft tells us how speech recognition could be the future when it comes to protecting our our goods and finances with biometric data. (Photo: Computer generated image of Hyperloop)

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