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Greece Deal... or No Deal?

June 23rd, 2015

Episode 290 of 836 episodes

So are we on the brink of a deal for Greece? We travel to Athens and Brussels today to hear about the details of the latest Greek proposals to break the deadlock over its debt crisis. Sony Kapoor, managing director of Redefine, the economic advisory group that's been counselling the Greek government, says the immediate crisis is over, but that true recovery will take much longer. Even European leaders are expressing cautious optimism. We also hear from former Greek tax collector, now an opposition MP, Haris Theocharis about the challenges of implementing some of the tax increases the government is now proposing. We hear from Platon Tinios, an economist and pensions expert at the University of Piraeus, about why pension reform have been such a thorny issue for the Greeks. And we speak to Brian Hayes. He's an Irish MEP and a Member of Europe's Parliamentary Committee on Economics and Monetary Affairs. He says Greece now needs to replicate the reforms that Ireland implemented if it is to achieve decent growth, and escape the mess it finds itself in.

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