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Greece Hails Bailout "Deal"

August 11th, 2015

Episode 324 of 836 episodes

Business Daily responds to reports of a new deal in Athens today. Greece finally it seems has reached a bailout deal with creditors, shoring up its finances for the years ahead. But doubts persist. Some in Germany are still voicing concerns about the lack of genuine political support for the deal in Greece itself. We speak to the independent Greek economist, Vicky Pryce. Also, a key land law in India, that was meant to define the country's new business-friendly agenda, has failed to get through parliament and has seemingly been dropped. What does this apparent climbdown say about the supposedly tough Mr Modi, the Prime Minister who was meant to sweep away the red tape and get Indian business moving? We have a report from Rahul Tandon in Kolkatta and we speak to Mihir Sharma, an editor at India's Business Standard newspaper in New Delhi.

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