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Greece: Live Reaction to Eurozone Bailout Deal

July 13th, 2015

Episode 304 of 836 episodes

Live reaction to the latest eurozone bailout deal for Greece. It means Greece stays in the eurozone for the time being. But will the Greek parliament pass the rescue package, which includes tough requirements for further austerity? And, has the acrimonious nature of the negotiations damaged the euro single currency project? The BBC's economics correspondent Andrew Walker reports on details of the bailout. German MP Klaus-Peter Willsch of the ruling CDU party tells us why he will vote against the rescue package when it goes through the German parliament. Marina Prentoulis, spokeswoman for Greece's ruling Syriza party in London, explains why as a Greek she feels humiliated by this deal. Also, Lorenzo Codogno, former chief economist at the Italian Treasury and visiting professor at the London School of Economics, explains what is at stake for the whole of the eurozone. Plus, we ask Yves Thibault de Silguy, a former EU commissioner for economic and monetary affairs and an original architect of the euro, whether he has any regrets about how the single currency project was put together. (Photo: Alexis Tsipras leaves the talks in Brussels; Credit: Francois Wallschaerts/AP)

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